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“Corinne is one of those kind, passionate, down to earth people who have a natural ability to share their knowledge of fitness, written from the heart.  She has made my life as an editor a very pleasant one, because I can rely on her to deliver workout tips that will work for everyone, whether you’re a single career woman or mum of three.” – Anya Kussler (editor of FitnessLife Magazine)

“Embarking on the infamous 12 week challenge in 2011, was the turning point for me. I have been addicted to exercise for years, but never managed to truly achieve the desired results. Training regularly with Corinne I tackled the challenge head on, and have not looked back.  With Corinne’s expertise, guidance and encouragement, and the camaraderie of fellow trainers, I made life changes, that have now become habit, and achieved results I never thought possible. Corinne’s training style always keeps the body guessing, as opposed to regular gym training, and there is never a dull moment! The journey has been empowering and inspired me to continue reaching for greater heights. I encourage anyone thinking about it, to just do it. You owe it to yourself!”- Carli Pamplin

“Corinne has a wealth of knowledge, skill, and expertise.  She is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every one of my sessions.  Her easy-going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.  She makes each workout challenging, creative, and fun.  Corinne places high value on correct form with exercise, and always motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results.  Totally addicted now and loving it!” – Debbie D

“I am a 66 year old retired Boeing B747 pilot who is determined to stay fit and continue flying small aircraft as a retirement hobby. In 2006 my car was written off in a high speed accident and I damaged my back. The gym I attended at the time failed to provide the personal rehabilitation exercises needed so I signed up with Corinne. Under Corinne’s expert guidance, my damaged back has recovered well, my fitness level is now excellent, I have lost six kgs and I continue to hold my Class 1 Aviation Medical certificate without any restrictions. If you have any health issues, don’t waste your time in a big impersonal gym:  head along to Fit Fix and get the full benefit of personalised fitness programming.”– Adrian Gilbert

“I have been training with Corinne for around 5 years, after joining the gym a year after breaking some bones in my back I had been an active person before my accident but when I met Corinne I was quite unfit and had put on more than a few extra kgs. I remember after the first session with Corinne I thought I was going to die, but yet was impressed by her follow up and encouragement to come back and stick it out. Here I am 5 years later and still loving every session. Corinne still manages to come up with fun new exercises for me to do after all these years, and can still make my body hurt. In 2009 at the age of 38 I got married and Corinne helped me look stunning on our special day by timing my program perfectly. I feel today I am as fit as I could possibly be and fitness is the mst important part of my daily activities and this all comes down to the knowledge and support Corinne has provided, Corinne is a total professional in every way and generally cares about her clients fitness and diet problems and is always forth coming with advice. I will be training for Corinne for as long as Im physically able to as she keeps me feeling young and fantastic.”– Vicki Marsh

“I am a self employed mother of three small children and live on ten acres. Somehow I wanted and needed to find time to exercise and to enjoy it. One to One training has been exceptional in fulfilling this role. A highly professional energetic outfit catering for all. I have been thoroughly impressed with all aspects of my time spent in the green acres of Glenbervie, Whangarei. Health and fitness made fun and easy!!!!!”– Emma Rampton

“After years of hating exercise and getting bored with it very quickly this couch potatoe has finally found something she really enjoys and looks forward to – thank you Corinne and the rest of the group for encouraging me and keeping me laughing while getting fit.”– Andie R

“I signed up with Corinne, because I went to a session with a friend and was hooked!  The exercises and strength training sets were challenging and unique. She does a great job making you work hard, but in a fun and creative way. The two major benefits of small group are 1) It is motivating to be around others for encouragement and to challenge your limits and 2) It is more cost effective than one-one training for the budget conscious.  Get ready to use muscles and tone in a way that your body has never felt before. A worthwhile pursuit to incorporate in a fit and healthy lifestyle.  I’ve been very satisfied with my experience over the past few months.” – Wynne Meyer

“Thankyou SO much for every you have done for me to date – the research, the fitness, the fun, the knowledge I have gained etc. You are an amazing coach and an amazing person and I have loved coming to the gym – hence the emotional departure!!!! You have been such an important part of my retired life!!”  Roseanne M

“No matter where I am on my health/fitness journey Corinne is always  there encouraging and supporting me any way she can.  She is innovative in her approach to personal training and keeps up with new trends.  I enjoy training with Corinne she keeps it interesting fun and definitely challenging!” – Sharon F.

I thoroughly enjoy going to Corinne’s Small Group sessions as it is always different; you never do the same thing, which makes it fun, exciting and challenging.  . Highly recommend!”  – Emma W.

“I love training with you because you push me to better myself but I always feel that you truly care about me…You make me feel like I am your only client and that I can do anything I set my mind to.” – Carmel H.