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Functional Medicine Consulting & Immune System Reset!


Do you have:

Endless Pain & Niggles?

An uncomfortable, still and heavy body?

Relentless Fatigue?


Autoimmune Disease or Poly-autoimmunity?

IBS, IBD or Crohn’s Disease?

Recurrent infections of the same kind?


I’ve been in this industry now for about 15yrs.  And it’s an incredibly satisfying career and ‘job’.  But i’ve never been able to satisfy the ‘detective’ in me as to why some people don’t seem to get as far as they should with their health and fitness, despite their immense efforts.   Pain, chronic disease, autoimmune disease, allergies, asthma, neurodegenerative disease – it’s ALL skyrocketing – despite the advancements in medicine!  I wasn’t satisfied.   I needed to know more.  I needed to dive deeper.  There’s more to this picture.   There must be!

Earlier this year i had the absolute privilege of attending a workshop by two legends and literal life-savers –  Dr Stewart Gillespie (Functional Medicine Doctor for more than a decade) and Dr Perry Nickelston (this dude does so many things i don’t think even he knows a title that encapsulates all that he does!).

They presented us with clear and condensed knowledge on digestive health, stress, hormonal systems, and the bodies clever immune system. This was followed up with a world first system which enables us to individually unpack and investigate a clients current state of health based on the way their health is currently presenting symptoms, and then constructing a unique ‘immune reset’ protocol to bring their immune system back to balance – thus remedying, reversing, and even sometimes completely eliminating many of the symptoms, infections or disease states they currently experience.

I am still the only kiwi who knows this system, and am one of less than 100 in the world who practice it.  And the changes i’ve seen in the clients i have already put through this system are pretty incredible – and for many of them, they didn’t know that life could be this good again.

Symptoms tell us there is a problem.  Problems are normally related in some way to inflammation.  Inflammation is the biggest cause of all disease.  So if we can find out where the inflammation is coming from, why your immune system is responding the way it is, then we can act to rebalance it, reduce the symptoms, and help you to rediscover life as it should be!

Ready to unpack your health woes and repack the greatness?
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We only get one chance at life.  We can’t ever place a value on that.
What’s possible if you let it be possible…?  xx