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Fit Chix Feel Fabulous!!

img_0156If you’re after….

  • A stronger, fitter, and healthier body?
  • Revitalising, uplifting, and creative programming?
  • An empowering and energising workout?
  • Group Fitness that emphasises the traditional and fun components of exercise?
  • An exercise programme that respects the limits of the human body?
  • A super friendly and encouraging community of ‘chix’?
  • A knowledge?

YES??  Then read on to find out more!!

At Fit Chix, we understand women.  We ‘get’ it. We know what goals you want to achieve, we know how hard it can be to work towards them, we know all about those stubborn problem areas, we know you like to have a laugh, and we know you can never have too many friends!

We also understand that everyone enjoys different kinds of exercise, therefore, we cater for a wide range of interests and abilities, and thrive on creating a challenge for each and everyone – not matter what level you wish to work at.  And no session is ever the same – because routine is boring but spontaneity is the spice of life!!


We encourage movement for ENJOYMENT, not PUNISHMENT. Because exercise should be fun and enjoyable, and it should make you want to come back for more!  You should leave with a smile on your face, and a body that feels GREAT!




img_0940Fit Chix is ladies only group exercise session,  No two sessions are the same, each week has a different theme (boxing, strength, abs, unwind, cardio, bodyweight), sometimes we use equipment and sometimes we just use our bodies.  We move for the purpose of bettering our functionality and our overall strength and agility.  We teach you how to be aware of where your body holds potential for greater strength and function and we enable you to leave feeling empowered, vitalised, and like you can take on the world.

A ladies only session not only ensures you are doing ‘female friendly’ exercises, but it also gives us ladies the opportunity to chat and gossip to our hearts’ content! Becoming part of the Fit Chix tribe will give you the chance to see amazing results including changes in your body shape, increased fitness, tone and strength, as well as improving your posture and confidence… and most importantly – making friends and having a good old laugh while you’re doing it!


NOW TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS at 6am at Marist Rugby Club!!

(NOTE – Fit Chix is currently chocka full of awesome Chix!  To maintain quality control within our sessions we’re unable to take any new registrations at this point.  But your health and wellbeing is important to us so we’d LOVE to hear from you to see how we could help you best.  Email Corinne on  You never know – it could be your lucky day and there may be space afterall!).

So if you’re a bit bored of the monotony of the treadmill and fed up with self motivation tactics, then get yourself down to Fit Chix and get a taste of the action. Click HERE to find out more or HERE to fill out the registration form!