Corinne Austin | Personal Training

Our Story

Award Personal Trainer of the Year 2017Many people dream of ‘one day’ running their own business.  For me, this dream was about inspiring as many people as I could into adopting fit and active lifestyles, and to educate them about their overall health and well-being.  We are given only one body in which to live our entire lives – we need to invest in that body, and provide it with quality ingredients and functional body movement.  This was my passion and my desire… in the words of Martin Luther King ‘I had a dream’.  Now, I can proudly declare, I am living it.

It came down to ‘just do it’.  Three key words spoken by my dear hubby back in September 2007.  Hey, why not?   I had nothing to lose.  We only live once.  I had the belief that I could make it work, that I could make a difference. You are what you think.  And I think that if the mind can conceive and believe, it can absolutely achieve.  A never-ending belief in yourself works wonders.

And now it’s been almost 8 years, and my passion and desire remains.  In fact, it is probably now stronger than ever.   I have changed many hundreds of lives already.  Let me show you how I can change yours too.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver our clientele with a health and fitness programme that promotes a more functional body, a more positive mind, and a true sense of achievement. Our commitment is in motivating and educating individuals to reach their optimal fitness potential and inspire them to make this a lifelong commitment.

Our Focus

We pay particular focus to our client’s lifestyles and help them to prioritise all aspects of their   Our focus in on getting them back on track to a healthy and energy-fulfilled life by equipping them with

  1. We provide personalised attention and assistance in individualising your fitness programme to suit your own personal goals.
  2. We offer a variety of fun and innovative fitness programming whereby our main focus is on functional and integrated training: moving our bodies the way in which they were designed to move, and using the foundational and functional movements of everyday life.
  3. Your goals are our main priority.  These may include (but won’t necessarily be limited to): increases in strength and stability, improved aerobic capacity,  enhanced energy,  weight management/loss,  improved flexibility, event-specific training (i.e. half marathon), reduction in stress, improved life balance, and equipping you with a FANTASTIC quality of life!
  4. But most importantly, we can provide you with the WHOLE health package.  With our friendly team of associated health professionals, we endeavour to provide you with a completely holistic programme of health and wellness, enabling you to attend to (and ‘fix’) all aspects of your own personal health and wellness, with the knowledge you are being looked after by the very best.