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Health Coaching – What is it?vitality

It’s Health Coaching that aims to seek and create a renewed feeling of Vitality!!

Are you ready to go to a deeper level of understanding about your overall wellbeing so that you can create vibrant change in your life and wake up feeling amazing every single day?

Are you ready to create a greater and more satisfying connection with your body, so that you can be sparkly and glowing from the inside out?

Are you ready to discard all those unhealthy and unwarranted feelings of frustration and confusion when it comes to what to eat to be healthy?

Are you ready to start living the life that you have dreamed about, and that you know is quite rightly yours?

Yes??  Let’s get you started!!

What might this process involve:

* Functional Medicine Consulting

Food Sensitivity Testing

Adrenal Stress Profile Testing

* Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

* Lifestyle Assessment

* Food Diaries

* ‘Your Revival’ – a resource Corinne has created to add a special meaning to your journey (as inspired by a special lady by the name of Angela Jenkins (left)).


AND MORE!!  Anything we feel we may need to do to uncover what is currently preventing you from living a life of great vitality and joy.


We joined the ph360 Revolution!!

ph360 – A Personalised Health Revolution set to change the world.  It’s based on YOUR genes and your genes only.  You WANT to check this out!  Corinne is one of only a handful of endorsed coaches from around the world.

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You have within you the capacity to illuminate your wellbeing and empower your health.  You have all the mechanisms to conquer your health and feel AMAZING every single day.  Through the food you eat, your daily movement, your thoughts and actions, the relationships you have, where you live, the unique talents you do or don’t use, and how you live your life each and every day, you are able to make significant advancements in your wellbeing.  When you choose to expose yourself to your epigenetic power there are no limitations – and it opens up a whole new world!

We help to clear the confusion, take away the frustration, throw away the guilt.  

Your vitality is your life force.  It’s your health, your youth, your energy and your passion.  It’s the sparkle and zest inside of you.  And it’s yours for the taking… you just have to implant the right steps and processes, and it’ll come and find you.

It’s that inner voice assuring you there is a better way.

It’s when you know you don’t want to go on feeling this way.

It’s realising that life can be so much greater than what it feels today.

It’s admitting that something desperately needs to change.

It’s when your desire to change is greater than your desire to stay the same.

Our Health Coaching packages  are designed to offer you the advice and information you need to start implementing positive change into your life, at your own pace.  We will discuss food and diet, exercise, me time/self care, sleep, stress, epigenetics, and any other factors that may be affecting your health and wellbeing.  We delve into various essential components that affect your health and vitality such as your adrenals, liver, thyroid, sex hormones and the gut; we can also analyse your blood chemistry results (blood tests) with functional eyes, along with screen your adrenal function and food sensitivities.   The initial consultation may be as long as 1.5hrs.  Follow-up consultations can be 30-60mins depending on your own personal requirements.

Are you desperate to reclaim the Vitality you know is rightfully yours??  Click HERE to contact us today!!