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Being women and Mums ourselves, we have a special interest in Women’s Health & Fitness.  This interest is strengthened by us having completed certified study into pre/post-natal bodies as well as pre/post-menopausal bodies, and is supported by our reputable network of health professionals.  Ultimately – we are passionate about making women feel fit and fabulous!

Ready to get your health and fitness fix by the Fit Fix Team?  Click on the options below to find the option that’ll suit you, your body, and your health and fitness dreams…

  • In-studio Personal Training:  One-on-one, buddy, and small group options available.  With an underlying focus on helping you to move better AND feel better, our programming elements are unique whilst still being personalised.  We will challenge you to whichever level you wish to be challenged at, but will help you to learn, understand and appreciate your body on a whole new level too.  Personal Training becomes Movement & Health Coaching when you become one of our tribe.
  • Fit Mums:  Whangarei’s longest running ‘Mummy Fitness’ programme.   Fit Mums is a wonderful social network for all Mums and has repeatedly been described as “better than a coffee group!”.  We take Mums with babies as young as three months and anywhere up to high school level or beyond.  We are very careful with each individual and will always assign movements and exercises that are safe for the postnatal stage you’re at.  Sam, Tanja and myself are all Mums ourselves – so we totally understand the intricacies of Mummyhood.  We look forward to meeting you!
  • Fit Chix: Exercising has never seen as many laughs and giggles as it does at our 6am Fit Chix sessions!  This is for any lady who wants to have fun in fitness, who loves the social side of movement and exercise, and who enjoys the day so much more if you can tick it off first thing in the morning.  Sessions run Tuesdays and Thursdays during Term time.
  • Small Group Personal Training: Are you someone who loves to exercise in a stimulating and rewarding group environment?  Small Group Personal Training is a great way to meet new people, have some laughs, work as a team, learn all sorts of crazy ways to keep fit and strong, and enjoy the benefits of personal training all for a fraction of the cost!
  • Movement CoachingIt sounds silly – coaching about movement..?  But the reality is is that there is an array of pain and dysfunction inhibiting our movement patterns these days – everyone seems to have tightness, pain, restriction or tension somewhere.  And this gets accepted as the norm.  It needn’t be.  We are the only facility in the world who has their full team of coaches qualifed to carry out John Polley’s Movement Appraisal systems.  By using an abundance of tools and appraisal methodologies we can search for the potential of improved movement and movement capabilities.
  • PT Mentoring Services: Corinne is New Zealand’s Personal Trainer of the Year.  Corinne has mentored and coached a signficant number of up and coming Personal Trainers with some AMAZING results  – including her entire current team of coaches.  She has more than 14 years of experience in this industry and has plenty of ideas, information, experience and wisdom to share with you!
  • Health CoachingIt’s Health Coaching that aims to seek and create a renewed feeling of Vitality!!  Are you ready to go to a deeper level of understanding about your overall wellbeing so that you can create vibrant change in your life and wake up feeling amazing every single day?  Are you ready to create a greater and more satisfying connection with your body, so that you can be sparkly and glowing from the inside out?  Are you ready to discard all those unhealthy and unwarranted feelings of frustration and confusion when it comes to what to eat to be healthy?