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What is FIT M IN??

SLOGAN – Live to Move; Move to Live.

OBJECTIVE – To empower, educate, and enable a greater proportion of the female population of NZ to embark in an appropriately active lifestyle.

MISSION – To initiate and lead a movement which changes a women’s perception of fitness from one of a hard core ‘no pain no gain’ attitude to one of personally bettering themselves through fun, purpose, camaraderie, and the pure enjoyment of innate movement.  To coach them into trusting that a slow, steady, and sustainable approach to fitness and wellness will provide them with consistent successes.  To ultimately give the current perception of fitness one monumental overhaul.

“I can go far on my own, but there are no limits to where we can go together.”

I first began FIT M IN back in January 2014 after successfully running various fitness challenges through facebook mediums as a means of getting FIT M IN Beach to Basinpeople moving.  It was originally dedicated to showing people ten minute workouts that made it easy to ‘fit em in.’  The FITM part was an acronym for ‘Fit in Ten Minutes’ – which in itself has a double meaning: 1) Fitting ten minutes of dedicated movement into one’s life; and 2) Getting oneself ‘fit’ in ten minutes.

FIT M IN’s scope has evolved over the last two years and where it’s going now is more about changing perceptions of what ‘fitness’ is – whilst also including overall wellness themes too.  FIT M IN is about moving and movement.  It is about keeping active, and keeping healthy by being as active and moving as much as we can do.

The FIT M IN now stands for multiple things.  The letters F, I, T, and M stand for fun, inspiration, team, and movement.  ‘F’ for Fun – fitness and movement needs to be fun to be sustainable.  ‘I’ for Inspired – we need to use our creative skills and be inspired by our surroundings and our own environment to keep moving and keep fit.  ‘T’ for Team – connecting with friends, family, and work colleagues in a ‘team’ environment enables the accountability aspect and extra motivation to get moving.  And ‘M’ for Movement – the definition of fitness needs to be redefined as movement, ANY movement which in some way challenges our physical capabilities.


And finally, FIT M IN will also stand for and represent the following things:

  • Fit ME in – fitting in time for yourself to keep yourself well
  • Fit Moderation in – being well is all about moderation and not extremes of behaviour
  • Fit Mindfulness in – being mindful about your wellness/fitness and how to improve it
  • Fit Movement in – fitting any movement into your life will better it

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All of these things are essential to creating the best active and healthy lifestyle.

“If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.”

“Move it or Lose it.”