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Fit Forever

We are big believers in chronological age being quite different to physiological age.  In other words, age doesn’t need to dictate our physical abilities, our involvement in movement and life, or our general happiness and wellbeing.


We run on the philosophy of move it or lose it and the potential of adaptability – your body today is a result of everything you have done up to this point.  That means that if you change what you do, how you move, and how you live, that you can adapt to those new changes and improve upon what you already know.  In our eyes, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!


Fit Forever is a group fitness class specifically designed for the over 60’s.  We understand the diversity of strengths and abilities of this age group and are passionate about helping each individual find their own place of comfort and performance.  In Fit Forever our focus is on fun, functionality, mobility, conditioning, and social connection to deliver you with movement that is full of purpose, is relevant to your day to day needs and activities, and that’ll enhance your life in every way.  Using a variety of play, games, mobility drills, and movement appraisal methods, we are able to structure our programmes in an easy to follow way, allowing you to live a more secure and independent lifestyle.  Our classes are created and run by experienced fitness professionals who understand the depths and intricacies of movement and mobility across the lifespan.  All programmes are designed in a way that your individual ability can be catered for, and all exercises (and alternatives of) will be demonstrated by your Movement Coach.  And working with the intelligence of the bodies myofascial system and neuroplasticity (fancy words for stretching and mobilising our bodies and learning new ways to move) we help you to get the most out of your body AND mind, and feel young again.


Fit Forever programmes will include:

Strength Training: Improves muscle strength, power and endurance making those day to day activities easier.

Balance & Stability Training: To help prevent unnecessary falls, improve your posture, and provide more confidence for day to day activities.

Mobility Exercises: To understand any joint or myofascial line restrictions you may have, and improve the comfort and efficiency of your gait and common daily movement patterns.

Aerobic Training:  By incorporating exercise that’ll boost your cardiovascular efforts you will be boosting heart and lung capacity and efficiency, giving you greater stamina and endurance to enjoy all the things you like to enjoy.

Fun & Play: You got it!  We make like little kids and bring balloons, balls, hoops and all sorts of other playful pieces of equipment to the sessions.  It’s amazing how great of a workout and how many benefits we can experience by incorporating play in our exercise sessions.


No matter what your past exercise history is, Fit Forever is your way to take hold of your fitness today and into the future!  We welcome over 60s from all walks of life – whether you used to be a sporting superstar, looking to make some new friends in a relaxed and fun atmosphere, or simply just want to enhance your experience of your latter years, Fit Forever is a great solution for you!


We currently run just one session per week on Mondays at 1030am.  The cost is $150 for ten sessions – and we run in 10 week blocks.    We may add more classes as demand grows.


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