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Wellness VS Illness – a new approach

For so long our world has been focussed on enhancing and strengthening the medical world. For the medical world keeps us alive. They treat our injuries and our illnesses and provide us with drugs and other medical interventions that keep our vital signs stronger than they’d be on their own, and essentially allow us to live longer than we would on our own.

And yet, even with the marvel of the medical world and the wonders they provide us, there is now more sickness, fatigue, weight problems, cancer, digestive problems, and lifestyle disease than there ever has been before.  Doctors rooms, ACC applications, and surgery lists are all swelling to ridiculous levels, with no sign of respite.  There’s simply no argument that the delivery of healthcare in our communities is booming – and in some parts demand is higher than supply.  But in all serious, and with no disrespect to the truly remarkable medical professionals who continue to deliver critical medical treatment to those in need, this is a statistic that drastically needs to change.  For it’s leading to more and more heartbreak, and less vitality and happiness amongst all.

We simply cannot keep force feeding the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff.   This mentality is so wrong. It’s so essential in times of need, but it’s so wrong to have this as the main service that keeps us alive and ‘well’.  For in actual fact, it’s not really making us ‘well’ at all, it’s simply masking what is still there but is being bandaided with a drug, antibiotic, or other treatment that keeps us functioning on a satisfactory level.



But why settle for satisfactory?  Why become satisfied with the quick fix?  Why not try to understand what’s going on with our body at a deeper, more intricate level.  Our bodies are an incredible machine, and when it feeds you symptoms there is always a reason.  Did you know that it’s often only when a particular function in our body is reduced to 50% of its normal level that we begin to experience symptoms?  That means there is massive potential in which we can enhance our wellness via understanding our body’s better and being more in tune with their needs.


I am not denying the need for medical treatment at all, I am just outlining the huge potential for making us well and for there to be more emphasis and motivation stemmed towards improving our wellness and wellbeing versus just relying on the reactive medical world.

There is a growing number of holistic healthcare practitioners all whom harness a proactive focus in their practice.  Wellbeing Clinics, Health Coaches, and Wellness Practitioners all provide sensible, natural, holistic, intuitive, refreshing, life-giving services that can retrain and re-programme unhealthy, stagnant, and ill-fated lifestyles.  They create individualised plans and personalised coaching elements that help us to get more in touch with our bodies, more adept at understanding them, and more aligned with our deepest values.


In our fast-paced world where we’ve lost touch with what real health actually entails and feels like, these practioners are filling the gap – the one at the top of the cliff, the place where people sit just before they fall to the ambulance at the bottom.  They have a deep-rooted passion for helping to alter the current statistics of health so that there is greater vitality, wellness, and happiness.

Because it’s time we took the state of our nations wellness seriously.  And proactive healthcare is a sure fire way we can begin to address that.


  • Corinne Austin
  • Health Coach & Movement Motivator