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Renew the Youth Within

Let’s talk about age for a minute. Because it’s a funny thing isn’t it.


It’s a concept we know about because of its relationship to time, and the passing of time.  In a way it’s subjective, because age has only become a thing because of time, and if there was no concept of time there’d be no age for us to think or worry about.


Even so. We live in an age where we are quite aware of what age is and what age means…Or do we…?


I think a lot of the time we believe that age dictates a lot of our lives, and to an extent it always will. For instance, you start school life at age 5, you can’t drive a car until you’re 16, or retirement age which is often around 65.


But, there’s a substantial portion of our lives that age doesn’t need to dictate; that age has no bearing over.  And many of us are currently missing out on it which is depriving us of adventure, happiness, and an abundance of delightful, soul-repleneshing, and ever-lasting memories.


As we grow up, we habitually lose the child and the playful person we arrived on this planet as.  We are summonsed to take on responsibility and liability, and we stop all the things that once provided oodles of fun and pleasure.  Life naturally (and unfortunately) gravitates towards becoming more serious, we get lumped with duties and obligations, and we soon hesitate to release the energetic youth within.


But by inhibiting the release of our inner child (that is ALWAYS there, we just seem to lose touch with it over time), we grow older. We lose our agility and our flexibility, our strength and our power, our stamina and our endurance.  And whilst these are lost into yesteryear, so wanes our mojo-creating abilities, our creative powers, and our daringness to discover what lies on unchartered territory.


We allow our chronological age to manifest into our physiological age. Our minds and our beliefs grow older, or at least start thinking like an ‘older’ person, and our bodies follow.


Here comes the good news…. IT NEEDN’T be this way!!


As the saying goes, ‘move it or lose it.’ We lose the ability to stop doing things because we stop doing them. If we continued practicing them or playing with them then our bodies would most certainly oblige, and our physiological age could (and would!) in fact remain younger than our chronological age.


And that’s such a cool way to be!!


At the ripe age of 35, I still reckon I’m physically 25.  Some of my mentality and wisdom has matured beyond 25, but I still think that I can move and play like that 25 year old I once was – or, in a way, still am!  Much of this is because I still move regularly; I challenge and dare myself.  Sometimes I fall, but most of the time I win.


Start being mindful of the beliefs you tell yourself – because they tend to come true by default.  Your thoughts and your actions quietly and inconspicuously manifest themselves into reality.  Be really careful what you tell yourself – it has the power to change your world, if you so let it.


So embrace your body, be kind to it, move it, allow it to tackle challenging obstacles, play and adventure. Renew the youth you once had, and that youth will hang around.


And a youthful, fit, agile, strong body can pay huge dividends on your quality and longevity of life.


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