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Healthy Living is at Attitude

They reckon that one day, in the pretty near future, there will be a pill we can take that will elicit the same results in us that exercising does. And that makes me sad. Very sad.

I understand that we are living in the age of convenience, an age where we are the busiest we have ever been hence the requirement for all things to be convenient. But when we try to supercede the innate and evolutional need in us to be physical, things are just getting a little too ridiculous.

But, have we as a population been encouraging this? Are our attitudes to our own health and fitness deteriorating as the years go by, warranting the need for drug companies to produce pills and medications to combat what a healthy lifestyle would ordinarily be able to do?

I saw a client last week who had just been diagnosed with the double-banger duo of high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Needless to say, her doctor convinced her to take medication to keep it under control. However, after taking the medication home and learning about the awful side effects she may experience from taking the medication, she courageously came to her own decision that choosing to follow a healthier lifestyle was a better option.

I was so proud! That one decision may save her life. Not so much so because the medication was going to harm her, but more because her attitude over-rode the ‘easy way out’ and she decided to battle the beasts through simple lifestyle changes. There are multitudes of us, who would hugely benefit by following in this intelligent ladies footsteps.

Don’t get me wrong, I know there are people who genuinely do need medication to keep some vital function in them alive. But the majority of us taking pills and potions can probably attack the symptom behind the pills and potions by adjusting our attitudes and making positive and rewarding health and fitness choices.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – if exercise was a pill it would be the most widely prescribed drug in the world; it can prevent, manage, and cure almost every disease known to man.

So why is it then that the numbers of people participating in regular exercise is still proportionately so insignificant? Yes you are busy, but I know for a fact there is somebody out there busier than you who is running right now. If you were to be divided into one of two categories, based on health and fitness, would you be classed as 1) A regular sloth; or 2) A regular endorphinaholic?

Everything goes in swings and roundabouts. You make poor lifestyle choices: you experience side effects of making poor lifestyle choices. The side effects grow into a lifestyle disease: your doctor prescribes medication. That medication has side effects: those side effects make you suffer again.

Taking the easy way out and choosing medication over simple and rewarding lifestyle choices is almost doing you double the harm – not only are you poisoning your body with some chemically manufactured substance, but you also have to subject yourself to nasty side effects. Further, you are probably still avoiding the health or lifestyle change your body ultimately needs you to make. Is it really worth it?

It’s so simple. Life can be so simple. We overcomplicate it with things like this. Change your attitude to one of living a positive and healthy lifestyle. Lead a life that is full of health, vibrance, vitality, and rewards. You have two choices: 1) You can choose to create obstacles, barriers, and excuses, or 2) You can choose to create triumphs, victories, and miracles. I know what I’ll be choosing. Think healthy and be healthy, and lead a real life!

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