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Fit Mums Reviews

“Corinne and Fit Mums are BEYOND awesome, keeping me not just motivated to attend once a week, but also looking after my individual needs, setting a weekly challenge to do from home and organising social catch-ups too. This is a lifestyle choice, not just an exercise class, and I love it.” – Kate McGrath.

“I love Fit Mums sessions as I don’t have to find a baby sitter and it fits into my routine easily. The mums their are so friendly, and i feel safe with the personal trainers as they are very experienced and knowledgeable. Results speak for themselves.  i]I would highly recommend these sessions to any Mum looking to make some positive changes to their fitness.” – Darlene Pearks

“Fit Mums is AWESOME!  A great group of women, fantastic workout and the added bonus is that you can take your kids. I have never felt so genuinely looked after, nor so fit and healthy.” – Mary McKinnon

“Being a part of Fit Mums has become a crucial part of my wellbeing.  Being able to participate in group exercise with other like-minded, fun-loving girls and being able to bring my little boy (with no one caring that he’s running around like a headless chook) makes life all the more enjoyable.  It’s not always easy being a Mum and exercise and friendship play an important role in making me feel independent and alive! Corinne is an inspiration to all of us, always pushes us hard and, being a Mum herself, understands what we all deal with everyday”. – Jo Finlayson

“The most amazing Trainers that make you feel a part of a family, while pushing you to achieve greatness you never knew you could achieve.  Would HIGHLY recommend Fit Mums to everyone.  I was never much of an exerciser before I started Fit Mums & Corinne has changed my life for the better.   I now find myself hanging out to exercise & try to fit it in when ever I can.   Fit Mums was the gateway to my new found love of fitness. I absolutely love the classes –  such a warm & supportive bunch of ladies.   My kids love it too, they look forward to it every week.” – Jade Hodgson

“I started active mums with the goal of wearing a bikini again after my two kids.  I have just returned from my tropical holiday where I flaunted my new bikini body shamelessly!  Fit Mums has helped me be proud of my body again, while exercising with old friends and making new ones – and my kids love it too!” – Fiona Goodin

“Going to Fit Mum’s is more than just going to boot camp. Corinne provides a wide variety of exercises that will leave you puffing and coming back for more! Having had a Caesarian I was worried about getting back into exercise but Corinne monitored me every step of the way and I haven’t looked back! Not only do I look forward to the workout each session but also catching up with all the other fantastic mums. Corinne is a fantastic and experienced PT. Her support is above and beyond anyone I have ever worked with! Being a mum herself she knows exactly what it’s like and is always happy to push buggies or cuddle little ones.   Come along and join in – you will love it!” – Jane Frazerhurst.

“Active Mums is awesome! Its like a big coffee group atmosphere, with motivating, friendly mums and the workouts are challenging and fun!! “– Renee Laurie