Corinne Austin | Personal Training

Personal Training – One on One

personal training for older peopleOne-on-One Personal Training will give you the ULTIMATE Fit Fix!!

– Prepare to meet the new you and get ready to soak up some compliments!
– Are you currently doing your own exercise but feel you’re going nowhere?
– Do you feel you need professional guidance and advice to achieve your exercise goals?
– Would you like to achieve double the results in half the time?
– Would you like to become better educated about exercise, nutrition, and your health?
– Would you like to exercise in a private and peaceful environment?
– And do you wish to embark on the greatest health and fitness journey of your life?

If you find yourself answering YES to some or all of these questions, then chances are Personal Training will be a powerful and effective choice for you.

What you are guaranteed:

– A private and exclusive training studio
– A distraction-free workout zone
– Expert and Professional Guidance
– Registered Exercise Professionals
– Goals and a plan to achieve them
– Body composition assessments
– Entirely Personalised Training
– The latest and most effective training methods
– Education on living a healthy lifestyle
– An experience you will never forget

For an extra ‘Fix’ you can also receive:

– Full Fitness & Posture assessment
– Nutritional & Wellness Coaching
– Home Exercise Plan
– Food Diary Analysis
– Holistic Health Screening