Corinne Austin | Personal Training

“Each of us is unique, there is not a single person on the planet that is the same. We all eat, move, think, play, work, live and love differently. When we can understand how unique we are and what is right for us then we can move towards our intended space and place of health and
happiness.“  – Matt Rieman, Founder of ph360


“The overarching mission for ph360 is to lead to major breakthroughs and application in the reversal of chronic pain and disease by 2050.”   – Matt Riemann, ph360 Founder

Wondering what the future in healthcare looks like… check THIS video out – it’s all about YOU.

Because your health is not just about your genetics – in fact, your far more empowered than that.  Your health is about your epigenetics – so the way that your environment and your genes interact.  This means that you have almost 100% power over the control of your own health – by controlling your environment and what happens around you and inside you.  And once you know what your genotype is (via ph360 profiling) then you are that much more empowered to have a say in what your current and future health looks like.


By completing the 45min profile, the ph360 platform uses 15 different sciences, 17yrs of study, and 10,000 data points to create your own completely personalised map – this is unique to you and YOUR genes.  Your profile will include:

Foods to Eat – Comprehensive food database tailored to you in real time, ranking the best foods to eat for your unique body.

Social Engagement – Discover the social interactions that will energize you, and those that will drain you, so you can do more of what you love.

Personalized Fitness – Learn how to move your body in a way that feels good, with the freedom to choose your routines and exercises.

Genius Zone – Discover your brain’s inherent gifts with specific recommendations for sleeping, breathing, mindfulness, and more.

Natural Strengths – Discover and flourish in your natural gifts & talents and the activities that will keep you in effortless flow.

Vacation, Environment Planning – Learn about your ideal environment, and plan vacations according to your body profile and circadian rhythm.

This really is the future of healthcare.  And given my determination to change the health and happiness of everyone i meet, this is making more and more of an appearance in my day to day work with my clients.

If you’re tired of living a half-satisfactory existence, then i’d love to help you discover the magnitude and power of personalised health via ph360.  Contact me here to find out about my packages 🙂


(If you’re not entirely sure and don’t want to commit to paying for the full profile yet, you can complete the free Health Type Test here .  Bare in mind this is a very short 3-minute test so it’s accuracy isn’t perfect, but it will give you an idea about what body type you are, and will provide you a wee snippet of information and insight into what your genes need for best health.)