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Food Sensitivity Testing

Your Gut Health is a Major Determinant of your Health and Vitality.


As part of our mentorship with the Kaizen Institute of Health in August 2016 (click here to find out more), we became licensed to do both food sensitivity testing and adrenal fatigue testing.  We have become extremely open-eyed and wise about what ‘entire’ health is – because it’s no longer as simple as exercising our way to great health.  With so many clients suffering unexplained and often chronic ills, pains, symptoms, inflammation and disease, and struggling with moods, weight loss, psychological disorders and hormonal fluctuations, we knew there must be more to the overall health equation.  And we were so right!!

Did you know that  80 – 90% of all diseases and conditions are caused by inflammation and stress. Further, did you know that we only start experiencing symptoms when a certain function reaches an approximate 50% reduction in it’s optimal function.  Scary right?!

Right now what you are eating and putting into your body could be causing long term damage and leading to SERIOUS long term health side effects which are life threatening.

We are all slowly coming to grips with the fact that food is medicine.  But yet many of us don’t understand how eating food that we are sensitive to causes stress which leads to conditions or diseases which can lessen our vitality and essentially shorten their life.

The truth is that diet related inflammation in your body can be reduced and changed by taking a simple food sensitivity test and changing the foods you are eating. It’s important to understand that most inflammation starts at your GUT!  And it’s critical we look after our gut because it’s 80% of our entire immune system. Therefore if our gut is compromised, so is our health!  And we need all the fighting power we need!

By now you’ve realized that what you put in your mouth ultimately effects every part of your mental, emotional and physical health. If you want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle you have to enjoy a healthy and balanced diet right?  The problem is that some people can eat what most experts would say is a healthy balanced diet but still experience fatigue, bloating, and weight problems.

Food sensitivities destroy your gut and cause havoc internally so your healthy lifestyle is just a dream no matter how healthy you eat. To really find out what your ‘ideal diet’ is you need to first find out what foods you really can’t eat. Our test includes everything from a dairy intolerance test to various other animal and plant based products – in fact, it covers 96 different high risk foods!  And the good news is is that it doesn’t mean a lifetime of not eating that food!  In most cases it might be a case of eradicating it for 3 months, healing your gut, and then slowly reintroducing it.  So regardless of the results – it’s going to be a happy ending!!

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