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Pulsing Crunches

Knees bent, feet flat on floor. Draw bellybutton inwards, lift head and shoulders off ground slightly, and ‘pulse’ a crunching …

Pulsing Crunches

Pulsing Crunches

Pulsing Squat

Hold a squat position, and pulse.

Quick Feet

Run the feet on the spot nice and quickly. Keep foot placement soft.

Reverse Lunge Kicks

  Start with feet together, step back about a leg length and drop the back knee down. Push back up, …

Rocking Ab Bridge

Begin in a forearm plank position. Ensure the abdominals are engaged correctly and then rock forward onto your tiptoes, and …

Scissor Crunches

Start with your legs together. Crunch upwards and take the legs apart. Return to the ground and legs come back …

Shadow Punches

Stand in a one foot forward stance. Be on the toe of the back foot to allow the body to …

Sky Pulldowns

Stand tall, hands up above your head and slightly to the front. Pull down like you’re pulling something heavy out …