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You’ll never Regret an Exercise Session

Clients and family members hear me say it all the time.  It’s one of my most favourite quotes but it really does stand true – you will never regret an boxing fitness classesexercise session.


Sometimes it seems like it will be the hardest and most arduous task on earth – to get out the door, and out for a walk or to that exercise session you’d committed to being at.  It can sometimes just seem like too much effort.  Whether you had a bad nights sleep, you’re stressed about something at work, you haven’t yet prepped dinner for tonight, or that mountain of washing is calling you, there are always so many excuses you could make why you simply can’t or won’t fit an exercise session in.


But you know what?  You CAN fit that exercise session in, and guess what, the world won’t end if you do.  And do you know what’s even better?  Fitting in that snippet of exercise, be it twenty minutes or an hour, will actually make you feel better.  It’ll re-energise, it will help the happy hormones flow freely, and it will refreshen your outlook on the day ahead (or the day that you’ve left behind) and will enable you to put things into a much clearer and more positive perspective.


It’s true.  And it works.  I’m yet to come across anybody who can tell me, at the completion of an exercise session, that they regretted doing it.


We live in an era where people, when they are tired and struggling with energy, will go and hunt down a muffin or cup of coffee to fight the fatigue.  They’re hoping that this caloric treat will give them that edge they need to be able to power on with their day.  In actual fact, a muffin and a cup of coffee are nutritionally poor (on most accounts), don’t do the body any good, and are nothing but a short-term fix.  They will also stress the body as it will be feeding the liver toxins – caffeine and sugar.  We need not be fooled into these unhealthy and time-wasting practices to rid our fatigue. Instead, pull on some sneakers and some comfortable clothes, get out that door, into some fresh air, and move that body!


We might all be forgiven for thinking the word exercise can feel a little daunting and exhausting – especially when we are feeling tired in the first place!  Creating that motivation and enthusiasm to get out the door and moving can be hard too.  If you find yourself in this situation, it’s crucial you look to the end point, to your destination – you need to reiterate to yourself that by fostering that little bit of energy to get you out that door it will all be entirely worth it.  You will feel better for it, and you certainly won’t regret it.


So if in doubt, next time you’re feeling a little listless and lethargic, throw on your shoes and head out that door.  I can guarantee you now – you won’t regret it!


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