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Spring Forward, but don’t Rush

For many of us, life has become a never-ending rush.


And not just that, but we are forever seeking an end.  Be it an end to a tummy bug, work stresses, or the ugly phase one of the kids is going through.  We seem to always be rushing to see the end of something in our lives.


The truth is, our life comes to an end naturally anyway, so why do we rush the process?  Are we potentially harming ourselves by trying to rush to the end of a particular stage or phase of our life?    Are we missing out on the many positive things that are happening simultaneously with those somewhat negative things we instead choose to focus on?


For every negative there is a positive.  If you search for the beauty in every storm, you will sooner or later find it.


It’s crucial to our health and cognitive wellbeing that we stop the rush.  We need to, instead, be present in every moment.  Our days and weeks are precious, just as are the very moments which pass before our eyes in between blinks, or that dissolve into the rush never to be witnessed again.


But how do we do this?  How do we stop this constant rush?


As Ghandi once said “There is more to life than increasing it’s speed.”


Let’s rebel against the traditionally rushed lifestyle – here’s a few of my own personal tips to assist you in doing this:


  • Sleep! Seven to eight hours of sleep per night – is absolutely crucial to our thought patterns.  Lack of sleep will assist you in feeding the ‘weeds’, BUT sufficient sleep (on a regular basis) will help you water the ‘flowers’.


  • Nutrition! This is most definitely high up my list too! One rule here – eat to nourish, not just to satisfy.


  • Move! Get outside and be active – in any way that YOU can!  Fresh air, nature, and moving like your body was made to move is incredibly energising, and being in nature is grounding.


  • Joy! Acknowledge the little things in life, and find the joy in them.  Before you know the moment will be gone.  Count your blessings every moment of every day, no matter how insignificant they may seem at the time.


  • Control the Controllables! Change what you know you can change, and either accept or forget the rest.  Don’t play the victim; make yourself the captain.


  • Breathe! Take time each day to just breathe.  Disconnect from all things to do with life and work, remove yourself from all distractions, and just focus on the absolute delight of breathing.  It’s our life blood, literally, and it’s amazing how something so natural has become so faulty all because we rush and stress too much.


  • Do Less! Simple really.  Say ‘no’ more often – feel the empowerment  We don’t have to try to be everything to everyone all of the time.  You are your top priority, always.



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