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The Power of Colourful Happy Thoughts

We’ve all heard people say it – ‘think positive’.  Well now, it’s actually considered to be one of the most powerful assets you can have – a consistently positive outlook on life.  People who exhibit optimism on a regular basis attract success, good health, a big social network, and oodles of happiness.  Research can now confirm that positive results and happy endings are actually a product of positive and optimistic thinking.  As the law of attraction goes – positive thoughts foster positive results.


When we think negative thoughts, our brains are programmed to narrow our thinking.  For instance, if an intruder were to break in to your house, your thoughts are automatically streamlined to focus on nothing other than keeping you and your families safe.  Our brains respond to all negative emotions the same way.  We instinctively shut off all the other events and happenings in our outside world, and automatically limit all other possible options and choices that surround us.  It becomes hard to see a way out.


On the contrary, positive thoughts and emotions open up a world of exciting opportunities.  When you experience joy, love, or celebration, the possibilities in your life appear almost endless, and the number of options and choices you have about how to continue seem to inflate ten-fold.


The types of thoughts and cognitions we have today stay with us for a long time, and help to shape our future. .  Happy thoughts, those filled with joy and colour, enable us to construct and cultivate skill sets and cognitive resources that we can use later in life.  For example, a six year old playing happily at the park will develop social skills (from chatting and communicating with friends), physical confidence skills (from conquering a task she’d been previously unable to do), and creative skills (from the joy she experiences, but also from tackling the playground in new and adventurous ways).


Happiness is essential to building the skills that promote success.  Happiness is therefore both the precursor to success, as well as the result of it.  People who think happy thoughts, thoughts with plenty of colour and vibrance as their foundation, encounter less sickness and disease, and live longer too.


Here’s some ideas to boost your positive thoughts and relinquish the power of positive thinking:


  • Instantly replace ALL negative thoughts with a positive thought.
  • Replace all ‘I can’ts’ with ‘I cans’. After all, whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re always right!
  • Expect good things to happen. See challenges as opportunities.
  • Stop hanging out with negative people – they drain you of your potential. Surround yourself with enthusiasm, bubbliness, laughter, and positivity.
  • Do only what makes you happy. If it doesn’t make you happy, don’t do it.
  • Walk tall, with a smile on your face, and exuberate confidence and happiness.
  • When embarking on new goals, challenges, or adventures, always visualise a positive outcome. You need to mentally pave the path for the direction you wish to take.


Corinne Austin

Movement & Wellness Motivator