Corinne Austin | Personal Training

A New You for 2013?

The new year is nigh. And with merely a few weeks to go most of us are probably dashing round both home and at work tidying up all the loose ends before the Christmas break. We more than likely resemble an overcooked, headless chook that’s been dragged through a gorse bush backwards – twice!

Thankfully, before you know it, though, you’ll be laying back on your deck chair, in the sun, sipping a nice chilled glass of pinot gris, pondering and reflecting on the last 12 months of life. Did you achieve what you set out to? Did you stick to your new years resolutions? Would you have done anything differently if you were given the chance to step back in time?

Without doubt there will be accomplishments you can be proud of and highlights that you’ll remember for many moons to come. But answer me this – have you been looking after yourself as well as you could have? Do you have a work/life balance that others are envious of? Is your current level of health and fitness truly and honestly satisfying you?

The truth is that many of you have probably answered ‘no’ to the questions above. Do not fear, there is hope for you yet!

This time last year, Craig and Angela, current workmates and employees of the Kamo branch of McDonalds, were unmotivated, lacked enthusiasm for life, felt constantly grumpy and lethargic, and a healthy lifestyle was nowhere to be found on their day to day radar. But Craig and Angela became my ‘stars’ of 2012, and this is their story:

Briefly explain your lifestyle pre 2012

Angela – Very unfit, unmotivated, I spent a lot of time watching telly and browsing the internet. I ate bad foods.

Craig – I was lazy. I did exercise when it suited me, and more than often made excuses to avoid it.

What was the turning point for you?

Angela – There was a team fitness challenge going on at work, so I decided to sign up. I knew I was overweight and unfit, but didn’t realise how unfit I was until I did my first session.

Craig – My mother beating me in the Beach to Basin! And on top of that I came last in a pre-season 2km run at hockey training.

In what ways do you now look after your health?

Angela – I am now more educated about nutrition and food, so I’m eating much healthier. I also participate in an outdoor group fitness session three times a week, and walk on two other days.

Craig – I am far more conscious of what I eat and drink. I now make time to exercise regularly. I prioritise other things in my life around my exercise regime. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What changes have you noted within yourself as a result of your new lifestyle?

Angela – More energy. Have lost weight. Am fitter and stronger. I am much more productive at home and at work. I even found the time, energy, and commitment to recently complete the Kerikeri Half Marathon.

Craig – I have lost weight and am much fitter. I completed the Kerikeri Half Marathon in a very respectable time. I am just generally more motivated and continually set and strive for new goals.

Do you endeavour to continue on this new path? And why?

Angela – Yes, definitely! It has changed so many things in my life for the better. And I would love my daughter to grow up with fitness and good health in her life.

Craig – I am definitely going to continue. It’s important to me because I’ve put a lot of hard work into getting to where I am now but I still aren’t where I ultimately want to be.

What words of wisdom do you wish to express to others?

Angela – When you decide to do it just go out and start or you will continue to put it off. Take it day by day, small steps. Prioritise your health and fitness. And find a buddy to do it with – makes it more motivating, more challenging, and much more fun!

Craig – Everybody starts somewhere. Don’t think you cant or that it’s too hard. Be consistent, get out and just do it. Surround yourself with other positive people who will continue to encourage and support you.

Both Angela and Craig have come leaps and bounds in 2012. Embarking on a healthy lifestyle, and witnessing the transformation that happens before your eyes is something you must witness yourself to experience all the changes your body and mind are capable of. Make 2013 your year. Jump into it head first. Make goals. Detail a plan. Find a buddy. And show everyone what you’re made of. You simply will not regret it.