Corinne Austin | Personal Training

A New Concept of Health

The term ‘holistic health’ has lately become a lot more mainstream, and now holds less of an ‘alternative therapies’ connotation. The concept of holistic health is anything but new, but it is only recently that it has been successfully integrated into common healthcare. Many sectors of health have in the past been known to ignore or blatantly disregard the input and importance of other health sectors, with the professionals working within these sectors often regarding themselves as superior and in a league above all others.

Holistic health can be best described as an approach to how individuals are treated; except it is anything but a stand-alone treatment method. It encompasses a multiplicity of treatment modalities ranging from meditation to naturopathy, from life coach counselling to chiropractic, from dentists to personal trainers. It is essentially a wellness paradigm that addresses all parts of the human – incorporating the physical, emotional, and spiritual elements.

Improving our health with a holistic approach means we view the body, mind, and spirit as one compact entity. This is because these three elements are not independent of one another – they are actually quite intertwined, and therefore should be treated as a whole.

So you may be questioning why this is important to you? Well, many of us assume that just because we are free of illness, disease, and pain, that we must, in fact, be healthy. That is far from the case. We could all benefit from engaging in a holistic health regime. Holistic health encourages the individual to engage in caring for their own selves, and serves to educate oneself about overall health. You as the individual become an active participant in bettering your wellness via immersion in treatment modalities you deem appropriate and relevant. You take much of the power of your own healthcare into your own hands, rather than throwing all the power on to the shoulders of health care providers.

I know many of you will be sitting there nodding your head and thinking ‘I run, I eat pretty well, I’m in a good state of health’. First of all, a mighty congratulations if you are thinking that – you’re already doing far more than 80% of the population. However, I bid you now to avoid naivety, and to open your minds to all the other elements of health that you could benefit from. When was the last time you visited the dentist? Could a trip to the chiropractor help to remedy your headaches or back pain? Have you ever wondered if your bowel and gastro-intestinal system is functioning at its best? All of these things will help to restore and realign greater health within. One things for sure, consulting with a wide spectrum of health care professionals can only improve your health.

What’s more, is that those who embark on a new goal to improve their health and fitness actually have better results and a better adherence to their goals if they use a more holistic approach. The wider education enables goal-seekers to connect the dots and gives greater meaning and objectives to what they are trying to master. A more holistic approach to health and fitness lends to more sustainability in lifestyle changes.

So, tonight before your head hits the pillow, do a little research. Have an open mind – there are many valuable things you will learn from this kind of an approach. All of which will enhance your quality of life and overall wellbeing.

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