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More of us should be Exercising

We’ve heard scare tactics galore. We’re read and heard about almost every research statistic that says we should be exercising. And we’re confronted daily with promotional advertorials and anecdotal experiences that show exercise to be a real, true, and genuine pre-cursor to improved health. But yet, there’s an appalling number of us who make no effort at all to participate in any form of physical activity or exercise.

There is simply no excuse big enough. It infuriates me. We are surrounded by gyms of all kinds of genres – something for everybody. We’ve got a world of exercise and health advice at our fingertips. And there is currently more qualified and registered Personal Trainers and health professionals than there’s ever been. It’s like being physically surrounded by food but not even wanting to take a mere glimpse or taste of any of that food. We need to exercise just as much as we need to eat food. The only difference is that we suffer in the short term if we don’t have food so we’re programmed to eat regularly. What’s unfortunate and misleading is that the effects of not exercising won’t emerge until ten or twenty years down the track. Are you going to wait until you’re in the throes of a health crisis before deciding that you should exercise?

Life is precious. You, are precious. And you only live once. There will never be a better time, and there will certainly never be more time. To make the most of your life and to enable your quality of life to be prolonged you must make structured exercise a priority. There’s no point waiting for the right time, because the right time is right now.

It doesn’t matter that you have a physical job. It doesn’t matter that you have a number of health problems. It doesn’t matter that you have no extra money. Nor does it matter that you run a household with four kids and work full-time. What ultimately matters is that you need to better your health and fitness, because if you don’t, all of the scenarios above will worsen or become more difficult to control.

Did you know that if exercise was a drug it could reduce or cure just about every medical condition known to man? No matter how old or young you are, how able-bodied, how big or small, how rich or poor, or how busy, there are exercise solutions available out there that will suit everybody.

The fact of the matter is that we were born to move. Let’s use our bodies for the activities they were manufactured for. Let’s all get involved in some level of exercise – be it 10 minutes a day, half an hour a day, or four times each week. Let’s just make sure we move it – today!

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