Corinne Austin | Personal Training

How to Enhance the Chance of Reaching your Goals

We’ve all heard of SMART goals. It’s a little helpful acronym that helps us set and plan goals. Following this strategy, goals need to be specific (S), measureable (M), achievable (A), realistic (R), and timely (T). It’s generally known that for us to reach our desired goals, all of the above traits must be covered.

But, upon working with clients over the years, I have become familiar with three other things that’ll greatly heighten the chances of goal success.

They are:

  1. Ownership of the goal
  2. Writing down the goal
  3. Share the goal with others

Firstly, you need to take ownership of your goals. They need to be something you want to achieve, that you have the required resources available for, and most importantly, it needs to have come out of your own mouth. That’s right, you need to be the sole creator of your goal. The chances are that if it’s a goal that your husband suggested, or one that your work colleague is striving towards, then you won’t feel as emotionally attached to it, nor will you have the same desire to achieve it. You need to be the one responsible for creating and devising your goals, and you must assume full ownership of your goals.

Secondly, once you’ve taken ownership of your goal, it is critical you write it down. Further, not only should you write the goal down, but you should also map out exactly how you wish to arrive at that goal destination. Maps enable us to stay on track and head directly towards our goal. It may also be useful to write down possible obstacles and roadblocks, and then prepare a realistic list of strategies to overcome those.

And finally, once you’ve created and taken total ownership of your goal, and then written it down, you must share it with others. It doesn’t matter who or how many you share it with, but to increase your chances of goal success, you must share it with at least one other. Why? Sharing your goal increases the feeling of accountability and commitment. If it’s more personal you may feel you need to share it only with a close friend or your husband. If it’s fitness related, you may like to share it with friends who also enjoy fitness. By creating higher levels of accountability and commitment, you are more likely to have better dedication and more discipline.

Smart goals are effective, but once you add these three other strategies of mine, I can as good as guarantee that the chances of succeeding will become instantly higher.

What goals are on the horizon for you? What will you be doing to ensure you succeed? I’d love to hear from you!