Corinne Austin | Personal Training

Getting Started is the Hardest Part

That first step towards anything is always the hardest. Starting is the biggest hurdle, the highest step, and an overwhelmingly giant obstacle that blocks you from where you ultimately wish to be.

And it doesn’t matter what you are trying to start – tidying the house, weeding the garden, starting your wedding planning, giving up smoking, igniting a career change, learning to run or get fit – the first step will always be the toughest.

The initial step, that crucial starting point, is the one that requires the most effort and therefore it is the one that provides us with the greatest resistance. It’s a bit like trying to move a snowball; it takes huge effort to make it start rolling, but once it has a little momentum, then it is much easier to keep it moving.

It’s also about getting uncomfortable. It may be easier to stay in bed an hour longer, that glass of wine may be a weeknight regular, or there may be a new blockbuster on TV. These are all comforts, our ‘go-to’s’ as modern lingo would say. But our comforts very rarely take us to the places or our wildest dreams. We need to make the decision to leave them behind and to re-prioritise; we need to get uncomfortable. Stepping outside your comfort zone will allow you to experience some magic.

The whole starting process is quite intimidating, and often we sabotage ourselves before we’ve even begun. I don’t know where to start? Who do I talk to? Will I be good enough? What if it’s too hard? What happens if I’m the most unfit person in the class? What happens if I fail? Seriously, we are own own worst enemies – our own self-judgment and negative self-talk is ruthless, heartless, and can be brutally sabotaging.

We need to make time to give ourselves a pep talk, to realise we’re not the only person in the world in this boat, and to instil belief, determination, and an unfailing desire to keep going – no matter what. We must understand that those first few steps are going to be the most terrifying, but we must also reiterate that will be absolutely be worth it.

It’s also important to remember that to be an expert at something you first need to be a beginner. You need to be that person who is inexperienced or lacks knowledge in the area in which you are trying to step. You must enter that initiation of not knowing and act like a little seedling – one that with the right amount of time and support will blossom into the brightest and toughest flower.

We all have a genuine reason for starting – normally it’s associated with some goal or dream we’ve pondered over. Nothing great was ever achieved through put good-luck, nor from being placed into our lap. But those all-empowering dreams and goals can still be ours with the right amount of dedication, discipline, and diligence.

Embrace action, allow it to be your best friend and your greatest asset. Take that crucial first step, and let the world be your oyster.

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