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Fit Hit – Kauri

7These classes are designed for any women that wants to get a little out of their comfort zone, boost their fitness and make themselves feel alive!!  Both types of classes (Fit Hit Boxing and Fit Hit Cardio) are 45 minutes long and are run on a Tuesday and Thursday evening at 5:45pm at the Kaurihohore Hall.  They are designed for any level of fitness and can cater for all levels and abilities.  It is a truly fun and light-hearted group of women that continue to reach new levels in their fitness, strength, and confidence.  There are just as many laughs as there is sweat!!




Fit Hit BOXING (Tuesday) –  is a moderate to high intensity workout that gets the blood pumping and enhances tone and athleticism.  Bodyweight exercises are added amongst the boxing drills for a fabulous all over workout.  No previous boxing experience required – we quickly get you up to speed on boxing technique and combo’s.


Fit Hit CARDIO (Thursday) – this class is not just about the huff and puff.  There may be a bit of running involved but we also challenge you with some creative bodyweight resistance exercises too.  Superb for betting your fitness, improving tone, and just making you feel fantastic!



Classes are run in 8 week blocks.  You can opt to do one or both sessions each week.  And we do hope to bring in a 6:45pm session to both the Tuesday and Thursday too, so be sure to let us know if that time would be of interest to you.

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